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Soul Nurturing with Jo Dance

Reflect, release and realign with the calling of your soul

Angelic Harmony Reiki

How it was created

As I continue to notice the messages I am given by the Angels and follow what truly resonates with me, I have been inspired to create and teach Angelic Harmony Reiki.

I have attended, assisted with and delivered many training courses since becoming interested in the mind/body connection consciously back in 2005.

I have learned there are many ways for us to help ourselves with various tools and techniques. Each training I attended was part of my journey, and has helped shape where I am today, in many ways and on many levels.

Whilst I have achieved many qualifications since 2005, and am thankful for having been able to attend each and every training, I feel these listed here are most relevant in relation to the creation of the Angelic Harmony Reiki process and training I am now guided to offer:

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Angelic Lightworker Practitioner

Resonance Sound Healing Practitioner

Louise Hay You Can heal Your Life Workshop Leader

Meditation Teacher Diploma

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Where Angelic Harmony Reiki came from

There have been several synchronicities which have led me to this point, many of which I didn’t recognise on a conscious level up until now.

It seems that when we are really meant to pay attention, the Universe finds ways to make this so!

I have been drawn to sound and music from an early age and have always known sound has a very special way of resonating.

In fact, before creating any of my previous workshops or training, I always selected the music first. Music to set the tone energetically for what I was intending to share, for the benefit of myself and others. This would help to hold me in the space where ideas in alignment with my intentions would flow.

On reflection, I have now realised I intuitively knew music held a key.

All in Divine timing

I qualified as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher at the beginning of 2019.

Then, after attending Resonate Sound Healer training with Tim Wheater and Cherub in July 2019, everything started to come together!

Whilst I didn’t have an attachment to the outcome of the training or even know why I had been wanting to attend this for a number of years, it became apparent quite quickly after the training that this was the final piece in the puzzle in relation to what I would be guided to create and share.

One part of the training focussed on Toning, and how we can use our own voice to heal. That our voice is the most powerful instrument there is. This is the part of the training that resonated with me the most. There was something so special about observing Tim demonstrate this with someone from the group, that I couldn’t wait to experiment with this when we paired up to practice.

I must admit – even though I am always humming, and will sing along to pretty much any music I like, when it was my turn to practice this technique, I started to feel a bit anxious and vulnerable.

Thoughts that were not exactly supporting me in the moment started to take over from the initial feeling of excitement I’d had. “How will I know what sounds to make?” “What if I sound rubbish?” “Who am I to be using my voice in this way anyway?”

I decided to thank the Angels for being with me, and for guiding me in relation to using my voice with the intention of delivering healing tones from it. I took a deep breath and went for it.

My fears seemed to disappear as soon as I started to tone, and the more I did it, the more confident I became. I actually started to really love it. I took my time, and just hummed notes that I felt guided to share. I also took time to pause, and simply hold the space.

The experience felt so intimate, so connecting. It was as if there was nobody else in the room. We both just seemed to merge with the sounds coming from my voice and my intention.

After receiving positive feedback from the person I shared this with, I knew this was something I would love to pursue further, due to the deep connection that was created, and a knowing that healing had taken place – all be it at an unconscious level.

Upon returning from the Sound Healer training, I started to feel a bit depleted. What was it all for? What now? I had discovered a yearning – yet I didn’t really know what for!

Everything continued to unfold

I was due to go back to work the next morning. I woke during the early hours with the image of Archangel Sandalphon (the Angel of Music) in my mind. I could feel his gentle energy, and that he was willing me to notice the previous synchronicities I’d had. Suddenly it all came flowing through me like never before:

• About a year ago I was assisting on a training and unconsciously humming (like I do). I was asked by someone attending the training who didn’t know me if I had ever thought of using my voice. I simply brushed this off with the response “I hardly look like a pop star!"

• Since learning the Angelic Reiki connection prayer of intent, I felt guided to speak this out loud - opposed to silently saying it to myself as taught.

• When delivering Angelic Reiki training, every time I read the part in the Angelic Reiki attunement where we are greeted by Choirs of Angels, I can’t not cry – due to the way I connect with this, hear it and feel it.

• Recently I have been continuously drawing the Archangel Sandalphon card whenever I feel guided to ask the Angels what they would like me to know.

• The word “harmony” has been in my thoughts a lot with no apparent reason – especially during quiet times and when I meditate.

Then, as I had my shower one morning, I was given a tune (seemingly out of nowhere) to the Angelic Reiki connection prayer. A really lovely tune, that the words fitted perfectly to.

This was it! I now felt inspired to channel Angelic Reiki healing, combined with my voice.

I asked and it was given

I had many questions which were quickly answered in relation to the how’s.

I felt guided to create music to accompany the Angelic Reiki connection prayer of intent I would now sing, and spent the following weekend playing with music software which I wasn’t even aware existed until I felt inspired to do a google search (again during the very early hours of the morning). Before I knew it, the accompanying music had been created – and it had voices in it that sounded like Angels too!

I worked with guidance from the Angels in relation to creating the process which would combine Angelic Reiki energy with the gentle healing tones of my voice. I created another two pieces of music to be used within the process, as I knew there were certain elements that once included, would enable others to use their voices and enable the healing frequencies to flow, as by this point I realised I was being guided to teach this too.

Angelic Harmony Reiki had been created!

I know that toning with my voice enhances the Angelic Reiki process, as it works as an extension of the Angelic energy. I know those who are drawn to experience an Angelic Harmony Reiki treatment will receive love, light and healing on many levels. I know others who choose to connect with the Angels and use their voice in this way through the Angelic Harmony Reiki process to benefit themselves and others will feel the same.

The Angels are here to help us. They want to help us. All we need to do to call in their energy is ask. And remember to thank them too!

I am truly thankful for constantly being guided in a gentle way by the Angels, more recently for my connection specifically with Archangel Sandalphon and for the inspiration to create Angelic Harmony Reiki for the benefit of myself and those who are drawn to it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love Jo XX

Angelic Harmony Reiki Creator and Teacher

September 2019

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Angelic Harmony Reiki is not a replacement for conventional medicine or psychotherapy. However, it can be used in a complementary way. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor to seek their advice in relation to you receiving a treatment. 

I am not medically trained.