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Soul Nurturing with Jo Dance

Reflect, release and realign with the calling of your soul

I invite you to follow me on my Facebook page

This is a place where I share all the events I create.

I also share mid-week messages on Wednesday evenings via video post, where I reflect upon a card from a different deck each week.

This is also a place where I share some Facebook live events.

It will be lovely to see you there, if you feel guided to join me. 

I also have a private Facebook group -

Jo Dance Ascending with Angels

This is where I share daily messages from the Angels, and a free monthly Facebook live guided meditation with the Angels. 

As a member of this group, you will automatically be invited to all the events I create (workshops and training).

I also offer some of these at a reduced energy exchange to members of my private group.

You are very welcome to send a request to join by clicking the link below, if this resonates with you.