Sound Healing

What it is and how it can be used

Sound Healing is the intentional use of instruments (and voice) to create balance and harmony.

It is widely recognised that Sound Healing has many benefits. The frequencies produced by sound take you beyond relaxation, and can allow your body to begin to heal itself. Some of the benefits of Sound Healing could include:

Reduction in stress, blood pressure, pain and cholesterol levels

Improved sleep

Increased energy levels

Cleansing and detoxing at cellular levels

There are many different instruments used for Sound Healing, and the selection usually depends upon the preference of the Practitioner. I have been guided to work with a very small  selection of instruments - Tuning Forks, Drumming, Chimes and my voice.

I use Sound Healing to enhance the experience of the meditations I deliver, and also share this on a 1-1 basis.

What a Sound Healing session consists of

A Sound Healing session provides you with the perfect opportunity to lay back, relax, and absorb the healing frequencies of the instruments I feel guided to share with you. Gentle healing background music will also be played, which provides a backdrop for the sounds you will experience from instruments and my voice.

Sound Healing

just for you

I offer Sound Healing as a mobile Sound Healing Practitioner.

Currently postponed due to current social distancing guidelines

If you would like to receive Sound Healing from me, and you live within a 30 minute drive from Fareham,

I can provide this for you in the comfort of your own home.

All I ask is that you are able to provide a quiet space which is big enough for a relaxer chair and a small table, 

where we will be undisturbed for the hour.

I will bring everything I need.

All you need to do is provide the space and be open to receiving the healing.

The session will be an hour long, which is ample time for me to:

Carry out a general consultation with you

Explain briefly what Sound Healing is, and what you might expect to experience

Describe my procedure for sharing Sound Healing

Invite you to reflect on your experience

Share aftercare suggestions

Answer any questions you may have

Ensure you are fully grounded

The energy exchange for a Sound Healing session is £40.

To find out more or to book a Sound Healing session, please contact Jo:

Phone: 07929 583502

Email: [email protected]

Sound Healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine or psychotherapy.

However, it can be used in a complementary way.

If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor

to seek their advice in relation to you receiving Sound Healing.

I am not medically trained.