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I first connected with Jo during the lockdown and was blown away by her passion for the Angels, which I feel is reflected in her warm and infectious personality.

I have been privileged to do several workshops with her. She has helped me to look at my life/situation in a different light with the help of the Angels.

I highly recommend Jo. She is a beautiful soul. Xxx

Elizabeth - Bristol

I was very pleased with my Soul Plan reading, as it confirmed several thoughts and beliefs I already had about my path, but dismissed as my fanciful thinking!

Jo has a delightful light energy, and delivered our session in a very caring and compassionate manner. Her work is very professional, detailed and thorough, with many helpful and practical suggestions on how to make any changes and improvements in any required areas.

I would certainly recommend Jo to anyone looking for a Soul Plan Practitioner.

Anne - Angus

I recently had a Soul Plan reading with Jo. It was a wonderful experience. Jo was very professional and went through it all in great detail. It was very impressive and it all made total sense. Where I am today is where I need to be. It was a beautiful experience, and I really loved the meditation at the end.

Thank you so much Jo. It was an absolute privilege, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Jackie - Bournemouth

I highly recommend all of Jo's work. I have attended several workshops.

Jo is a kind, caring, compassionate lady and works with the Angels to guide all of her students.

Such an amazing experience.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Xxx

Penny - Portsmouth

Such a lovely lady with the most likeable personality, great teaching skills with sensitivity and clearly immersed in her connection with the Angels. I have enjoyed every one of her courses.

Jo shines in her vocation which she happily shares with others to enhance their lives too.

I thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone who has been lucky enough to find her.

Pam - Winchester

I have found Jo's Facebook group so supportive and helpful. Jo is so lovely, and her energy is contagious. Her monthly meditations are amazing, and I have done a workshop too which was so lovely. I love being around like-minded people. 

Thank you Jo for everything. Sending love and light.

Beverley - Bournemouth

I have just completed Jo's Align and Shine online workshop.

Absolutely fabulous day, being with like-minded people and learning to push past what blocks you.

Through Jo's teachings and guidance I feel very at peace with myself and excited for my future.

She truly is an Earth Angel. Thank you.

Maxine - Basingstoke

Beautiful Jo is such a loving, kind hearted soul and will do anything to help you.

Her beautiful meditations and healing lift you up, and are definitely guided by Angels.

Michelle - Stubbington

I've known Jo for a while now. Jo is a very special person who gives herself freely every week, giving beautiful messages from her cards and meditations with our beautiful Angels.

I especially enjoyed the meditations throughout our spell of lockdown. I always find Jo to have a relaxing and lovely voice.

Thank you Jo for always giving your time to others. Blessings and hugs. xx

Karen - Gosport

I recently had my Soul Plan reading with Jo. It was an amazing experience - very detailed with a lovely meditation to end it. She then sent me a copy of my chart and reading to keep.

Jo puts so much passion and time into everything she does. I have also had Reiki and Crystal Healings from Jo, and also attended a meditation group she ran.

During lockdown I enjoyed an online workshop, Zoom meetings and meditations with the Angels with her and many others in the group she created to help us during the lockdown and beyond.

Jo believes passionately in everything she does, and puts in so much time and care. Just being in her presence is so calming and relaxing.

She is a lovely caring lady, who loves helping others.

Pamela - Stubbington

I have been lucky enough to receive Reiki and Crystal Healing from Jo, and to attend some of her meditation groups and have left every time feeling relaxed and with a wonderful sense of well being. 

Jo creates a relaxing and safe atmosphere, so you can immerse yourself in the healing and let go of any worries and restrictions you usually place on yourself.

Jo is passionate about others and puts a huge amount of herself into all her trainings and healings.

Regardless of what you believe in life, Jo is brilliant at giving you that time out to connect with yourself.

Her experience and knowledge is huge, but most importantly her passion, kindness and authenticity shine through in everything she does.

I would highly recommend any of Jo's healings or trainings. Thanks Jo! Xx

Victoria - Wickham