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I have created a variety of workshops

These provide you with the opportunity to reflect, release and realign

If you are feeling guided to take some time out of your usual routine to connect with like-minded souls and participate in practical and reflective activities, I have listed the workshops I offer below.

All my workshops are delivered live via Zoom, and are accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

Align & Shine

1 Day Workshop

Begin to align with what truly resonates with you at Soul level. 

This workshop includes an opportunity to reflect in relation to an aspect of your own unique Soul Plan Chart.

Delivered live via Zoom

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Reflect, Release & Rise Up

8 Week Workshop

Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, combined with the love, light and healing of Angels.

Delivered live via Zoom

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Happy to Help Remotely

4 Week Workshop

Learn to love sharing what you are guided to do so remotely, by identifying and beginning to release blocks.

Delivered live via Zoom

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Workshops are not replacements for conventional medicine or psychotherapy. However, they can be attended in a complementary way. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor to seek their advice in relation to you attending a workshop.

I am not medically trained.