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Jo Dance

Angelic Lightworker Practitioner

Angelic Reiki Master

EFT Trainer

Hello from Jo

Soul Nurturing Group Sessions - Live via Zoom

On the 4th Monday of each month I provide space for us to reflect, release and realign with like-minded souls live via Zoom from 7.30 - 9.00pm, based on what we have experienced in the month.

My intention is to keep the structure of these sessions flexible, as I respond in the moment due to the requests of those joining me.

However, the format usually consists of:


How we feel about what we have experienced

Guided Meditation with Angels to begin to cleanse, clear and heal where relevant

Reflections in relation to what was experienced during the meditation

Final thoughts

The energy exchange for each session is £11.11.

The next session is on Monday 23rd May.

If you would like to join me, you can click on the link below to book your place.

It will be lovely to connect with you there.

Love Jo. XX

You can book to join me using the link below

I will then contact you with the Zoom link (using the email you have registered with Paypal)

Zoom Soul Nurturing Group Session


90 minute group session live via Zoom

May Zoom Group Session

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Angelic Reiki and Meditation are not replacements for conventional medicine or psychotherapy. However, they can be used in a complementary way. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor to seek their advice in relation to you experiencing these within the sessions I offer.

I am not medically trained.